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mission statement

The SONE relations GmbH puts (digital) business models, portfolios, products and services, agents and relevant business transactions of your company on the social test bench. It is therefore being evaluated whether the relevant public – representatives of (social) media, NGOs and associations, politicians and regulators, scientists and culture professionalists for instance – would issue the license to operate

SONE relations points out which regulatory projects, social upheavals and fragmentations, publishing activity – from quality media to data journalism to publications from activists – can become a crisis or a stroke of luck for a cooperation. 

SONE relations for this purpose evaluates the broader corporate ecosystem, very concretely inter alia civil society and net communities, non-governmental organizations, media, politics, authorization and surveillance authorities as well as associations – all of this in the respective relevant international, national and local framework. If meaningful, also the scientific community and educational institutions, the tech scene, culture and religious groups are being reflected.

On those grounds, SONE relations makes recommendations for meaningful strategic adaptations, for necessary structural provisions in the organization or external backing solutions as safety net as well as for concrete public affairs and corporate communications measures.

what we do

  • issues management / media monitoring
  • regulatory affairs
  • governmental relations / lobbying 
  • change management 
  • public / media relations
  • investor relations
  • scientific relations
  • crisis management
  • litigation communication


SONE relations helps organizations to sharpen their consciousness about their societal ecosystem. It especially supports startups, who want to optimize their business fundamentals with regards to societal expectations, and companies, wishing to target additional stakeholders next to customers and shareholders in expansion or transformation processes.

SONE relations in addition supports business angels and investors, who want to get beyond the mere business metrics before acquiring companies or shares

corporate diplomacy

Sone is the unit of loudness. Loudness is a subjective characteristic of a sound (Britannica).

The subjective judgments of the different stakeholder groups, the loudness in the articulation of their representatives and the opportunities and risks that result from it, can be estimated with the assessment standards of public affairs and corporate communications and managed with its instruments. At SONE relations, the strategies and tactics are summarized under the term “corporate diplomacy”. 

An inventory of the societal localization as well as the entrepreneurial opportunities and risks that can be derived from this is useful at key milestones of an enterprise: When being founded and prior to new financing stages in the case of startups; ahead of expansions, entrepreneurial realignment and acquisitions within established companies.

about us

SONE relations was founded at the beginning of 2019 by Claudia Oeking as a platform for startup and corporate diplomacy. SONE relations is a public affairs, communications and business development consultancy firm supporting startups and established corporates with the right set-up to address opportunities and risks in the broader societal ecosystem. 

Claudia Oeking is a radio journalist and has studied business administration. She has spent her entire professional life at the interface of the public, media, politics and economy.

She has led the editorial team in a regional studio of a radio station, worked in the States press department in the Chancellery of the German Southwest and was responsible for public relations and communications in the nuclear sector of the energy company EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG, accompanied the management of dealing with the Fukushima disaster.

Since 2013 she has held managerial positions in the political and communications functions of various affiliates and at the headquarters of the leading international tobacco company Philip Morris International. At the moment she is accompanying the transformation of the corporation as Director External Affairs of Philip Morris Germany, responsible for the public affairs and regulation unit as well as corporate communications, sustainability and corporate responsibility.

The responsibility of the economy for the free-democratic basic order is of specific concern to her. She proclaims it under the term ‘Corporate Democratic Responsibility’. Next to that, Claudia Oeking is driving diversity and inclusion in society and the economy, for instance as advisory board member of BeyondGenderAgenda.

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